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Create a custom progress bar using html5

A new element <progress> was introduced in HTML5 which adds the progress-bar feature to native HTML. It allows us to show the progress of certain tasks, like uploads or downloads, basically anything that is in progress. In this post, we are going to customize and style the progress-bar with animation. The basics of HTML5 element It’s very simple to use the new element for progress-bar...

How to create Icon input element using html and css

There is a lot of time we need to customize input control. In this post, we are going to create a customized input-element with an icon before it. We will do it using only HTML and CSS. Code We are going to use a div element as a container for the input element. Inside our container, we will put the input element and our icon container. The icon container is also a div element. Here is our HTML:...

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